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Thread: 4thHorseman

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    I have decided that my time with CB clan has come to an end. Would like to join your clan since I do enjoy playing with all of you. I'm 44 years old and live in Alaska. Thanks Kevin Collins aka 4thHorseman

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    Kevin welcome m8 :-)


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    Re: 4thHorseman

    welcome kevin to the forums good to see you hear m8

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    Nice to see you dude. Welcome to the mad house!!

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    Welcome Kevin!! Hope to see you on TS!

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    Welcome mate nice to see you here

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    welcome 4th horseman.......what happened to the other 3? lol

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    Welcome to the nut house!

    H - War is currently enjoying residence as an advisor to Putin, Pestilence got sick, and Famine starved...

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    Re: 4thHorseman

    Hi 4thHorseman, I'm also wondering about the first three like Highlander, And I think your age perfectly fits the clan

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    Re: 4thHorseman



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