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  • 10TR Rules

    The 10TR Standard

    The community here at 10TR Clan is one of a higher standard. We aren't just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such we expect just a little more from our members. We do this because we want your time at 10TR to be above the rest and we can only assure this for all of our members by having a few standards in place to ensure that 10TR will remain a top notch community.
    We would ask that each member view and understand these standards and practice them at all times while wearing the |10TR| tag.

    1.) The #1 standard in 10TR is to respect your clan mates at all times, they are after all a part of your 10TR family.

    2.) We ask that if you have a problem with anyone in the clan that you handle it privately with any of the admins, we ask that you please do not voice your problems with other members on our forums.

    3.) Racism & Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated here at 10TR and this is your one and only warning. We maintain a Zero Tolerance policy as it pertains to this and there are no exceptions to this standard. If you are in doubt about what you are going to say then don't.

    4.) Hacking, Cheating, Glitching, Exploiting or any other means of enhancing your game play to give you an unfair advantage over others will not be tolerated. If it is consider cheating by the game developers we consider it cheating as well. This also includes using modifications to mis-represent your in game profiles. We have removed many members for this in the past so think twice before you bring that to our community. This has also been expanded to include the selling of accounts/in game items on our website.

    5.) 10TR members are required to stay active on our forums by posting regularly and including themselves in our community. At the very least we ask that you post every 3 weeks or so.

    6.) When you are wearing the |10TR| tag whether it be on our forums, other forums, other game servers or anywhere else on the Internet you are representing 10TR. You need to conduct yourself in those places by the same standards as you see listed here for our community.

    7.) You are responsible for your account information at all times. This includes your forum account, in game accounts, GUID's and any other information as it pertains to you. Please secure your accounts and passwords at all times and never let anyone else use your accounts.

    8.) Please do not post in sections where it is clearly marked to not do so. Specifically the recruiting section and the ban control section. Unless you are filling out an application, responding to Fever Admins or contesting a ban you are not to post in these sections at any time.

    9.) Please do not include malicious or inappropriate links to outside sources within your signature on your forum profile. Links to other places in our forums are fine however no links to any external sources. We also ask that you keep your signature limited to 500 x 200 in size.

    10.) We do NOT allow you to be in multiple clans/communities while in 10TR. We believe that once you spend quality time here at 10TR -- you won't go back. Being an admin of 10TR you hold yourself to a standard representing 10TR as a whole.

    11.) Having a microphone and using our Team Speak server is also a standard here at 10TR. You will find that your gaming time with others is much more pleasant when you have the ability to directly chat with others while you are gaming with them. When playing with other 10TR Members, you are not required to be on Team Speak all the time but we would like to hear from you now and again. If you are unable to speak, then we can communicate with you.

    12.) Minimum Age to join the clan is 16.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the standards here at 10TR. As you can see they are meant to ensure the respectful and peaceful environment of our community for all of our members. 10TR Administration has gone through great lengths to compose these standards and continues to work to ensure that they are enforced so we appreciate your cooperation on maintaining the Fever Standard.

    While playing in 10TR servers, these rules WILL apply:

    1. No whining or complaining (in-game chat or otherwise)
    2. Cussing allowed -- BUT be respectful towards others
    3. Intentional TK will get you kicked
    4. Cheating/Glitching = BAN + immediate removal from 10TR
    5. ALWAYS respect others -- regardless of skill or level of gameplay
    6. NEVER have confrontations with others in the servers -- ALWAYS talk to an admin
    7. Failure to adhere to server rules = grounds for termination of 10TR membership
    8. While playing in the 10TR servers you must be in Teamspeak.

    Those that wear |10TR| tags hold themselves to a higher standard -- in our house, as well as everywhere else. Wear your tags with pride, and remember that everything you do and say is a direct reflection on who we are as a clan, and more importantly -- who we are as people. We demand outstanding conduct on our servers, TeamSpeak, and in our forum. This same conduct must carry over to every server and forum that you set foot in.

    Respect is our number one rule -- play our games the way they were meant to be played -- compe***ively and with good sportsmanship.

    "Good To Be Crazy"

    10TR Administration
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